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Our Philosophy


Positivity & Professionalism


Education & Equity


Children & Curiosity


Compassion & Commitment

At Parkes Early Childhood Centre,  We strive to create an atmosphere that empowers and engages children to develop a love of learning through play.


Our team is dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that invites everyone to feel safe, welcome and respected.

We value, and are responsive to children's strengths and interests; fostering strong and caring relationships with families and the community.


We provide a current, relative curriculum that is developed by a highly qualified and experienced teaching team, with focus on the essence of the National Quality Framework.


Collaboratively, along with their other support networks, we will raise children who develop life skills and a confidence within themselves, to succeed in this complex and ever-changing world that is theirs.


We respect the continuing custodians of this land, and we will work together to strengthen our knowledge of Wiradjuri way and culture. In 1954, the community of Parkes had a vision for early childhood education, and we will proudly continue this legacy, for future generations. 

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