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This long-day program operates from 7am - 6pm. Children are aged between 2-3.5 years old. 

We operate Monday to Friday providing educational care for up to 15 children per day.

We are staffed by a Room leader, 3 Educators and an Inclusive Support Educator, who are all currently furthering their studies to enhance quality care and education to the children within the room.

The Garal Room focuses on fostering connections, learning to engage with one another with care and empathy and promoting those early stages of independence.


Our aim is for the children to create secure bonds and provide a comfortable and safe environment for the children to learn and grow.  This allows the children to participate and run interest-based activities and projects that are ongoing while being child directed.


At this age, children start to make sense of investigation, exploration, and discovery within their play. In the Garal room we strive to provide resources, experiences and activities that foster the children’s sense of wonder and curiosity, encourage children to come to their own conclusions through trial and error experimentation, problem solving and imaginative research


The Garal Room values family and community connections. We believe that through family involvement and connecting to community we are helping to shape emotionally secure and active next generation leaders.

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