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Our History

We value and respect relationships with our families, as their child’s ‘first teacher’.
We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture, connection to the local community and
commitment to early education in Parkes since 1954.

Our History

Parkes Early Childhood Centre was built entirely by volunteer labour and opened in 1954 debt free as a two- unit preschool. Records show that, at this time, there were 60 children enrolled and a fee of 7 shillings and 6 pence per week for town children
who attended for two half days per week and those from out of town attended one half day per week at a cost of 4 shillings and 6 pence.

At the time of opening, the Centre was known as Parkes Preschool Kindergarten. The preschool was opened on Saturday, November 6, 1954, by the NSW Premier J.J. Cahill. 


In 1994, with the changing needs of families, the preschool merged with the local occasional childcare centre and additional long day care places were included in the new service. This change was made possible through the Parkes community participating in a
pilot project and partnership between State and Federal Governments. 


Extensive renovations and expansion of the existing building were made, and the service became known as Parkes Early Childhood Centre Inc. The expanded centre opened on November 6, 1994, as a rural multi-purpose centre with both State and Federal funding providing preschool, occasional care, and long day care.


The Parkes Early Childhood Centre community honour the continuation of this rich history and are dedicated to ensuring a strong commitment to high quality education and care for the children of Parkes well into the future. (Parkes Champion Post,

How we encourage capable learners -
The Early Years Learning Framework

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