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Healthy Lunch Program

Parkes Early Childhood Centre recognises the importance of healthy eating in the growth and development of young children and is committed to supporting the healthy food and drink choices of children in their care, using guidelines and requirements from The Early Years Learning Framework, The National Quality Standards and Munch and Move. 

Lunch Box Ideas:

Morning Tea

We encourage all children to bring a piece of fruit or veg in their lunch box, plus a yoghurt, cheese and crackers.


The base: Choose one of these carbohydrate-based foods to fill hungry tummies. Suggestions are: Pasta, rice, potatoes, cous cous, noodles, spaghetti, bread- use a variety of whole meal, white rye, pita, Lebanese bread, rolls, bagels, crackers, lavash, focaccia and English muffins. 

Fillings: Select a high protein filling from one of the following: cold lean meat, avocado and cheeses, baked beans. Salad: Lettuce, snow peas, grated carrot, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, banana, roast vegetables, corn, celery and olives, all vegetables and fruit.


Spreads: Vegemite, jam, cream cheese. Home cooked meals are also welcome! Be creative and add to the list! 

Afternoon Tea
  • Dried fruit, fresh fruit, or fruit cups 

  • Veggie sticks and dip/cream cheese. 

  • Cheese and crackers 

  • Fruit muffins, cruskits, corn thins, rice cakes with spreads or fillings, plain biscuits, fruit bread. 

Parkes Early Childhood Centre is a nut free, seafood free & egg free (whole eqq products) centre. Due to life threatening allergies that some children experience, these foods are not permitted. 

Healthy Tip

For good health, well-being and a healthy weight, it's recommended that we only eat small amounts (sometimes or not at all) of highly processed snack foods high In fat, salt and sugar and low In essential nutrients.


Examples of these foods include sugary drinks, lollies, chocolates, donuts, Jelly, chocolate covered or cream filled biscuits, muesli/breakfast/fruit filled/rice bars, straps, chews or poles. Potato chips/crisps, corn chips, cheesy balls/twists, noodle snacks and takeaway foods. Please leave these Items of food at home and empower your child to make healthy choices.

Download our Healthy Lunch Program PDF:

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