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Parkes Early Childhood Centre

Early Education - Learning For Life

PECC is a high quality, not-for-profit early education centre, providing long and short-day programs (pre-school).


PECC welcomes children from 6 weeks to 5 years.


We are open for 50 weeks per year, from 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday (long day program) and 8.30am to 4.00pm (short day/preschool program).

We believe that every child deserves a positive educational environment that is co-ordinated by a professional, compassionate and committed team. Children thrive where equity is valued and the rights of each child to experience a sense of belonging, and be curious about their world, are celebrated.

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Why Parkes Early Childhood Centre?

A Quality Educational Program

Our qualified, experienced, and diverse teachers and educators implement a high-quality educational program in a nurturing, stimulating and secure environment. 


We strive to create an atmosphere that empowers and engages children to develop a love of learning, based on their interests and strengths, through play and community engagement.


Extensive early childhood research shows that for children under the age of five years, play provides the best vehicle for learning. Children are more likely to persist at experiences that are based on their interests, and play-based learning provides a great opportunity for this to occur. 

Enrolling in PECC

Securing the Future

We understand that securing a spot at our centre can be highly competitive, which is why we encourage you to fill out our downloadable PDF waiting list application form as soon as possible.

By completing our waiting list form and emailing it to, you will ensure that your child is placed on our waiting list for future enrolment opportunities.

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